Starlight Cinema @ Padang

Listening To:- Il Divo – Unbreak My Heart (Regress Sa Mi) + Mario – Let Me Love You + Elva – Wen

I managed to wake up for school yesterday morning! erm.. thou i was 25mins late… as usual…. managed to survive thru the 3hrs lecturer on HR Management. before heading home to wait for leo to come over in the evening.. hehe headed to Starlight Cinema @ Padang. We both had a pair of free tickets. =P

Reached there not like 10mins it rained.. wat a damper man the weather. :s hid under the big umberella they have there till the rain became a drizzle.. headed out to place a mat on the floor to sit down, hold the umberella and continue watching The Island…. erm not too bad but still kinda gross at some parts. Scary how people can be cloned.

gonna use the other pair of free tix on saturday to watch the 2nd & 3rd movie of Harry Potter~ i cant wait for Goblet Of Fire >.<

no morning class tmr..~ which means i can sleep in slightly later~ = D

-You’ve di-illusioned in me the meaning of love & infauation. –


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