Listening To:- Zhou Jie Lun – An Jing + ??? – ???? + Ayumi – Seasons + Darius Danesh – Live Twice

I feel depressed. i don’t feel like doing anything..

just read an article yesterday at work in the Cleo October Issue (Australia Edition) – “Just Another Bad Day, Or Could You Have Low-Level Depression?”

-It’s diagnosed when someone has been in a state of continuous angst or despair for longer than two years.

Sufferers experience tiredness, moodiness, under- or over eating, boredom, muscle aches and low self-esteem.

Feeling tired and miserable are key symptoms, but the main thing to look out for is any change in behaviour. Have you stopped going out? Has your health taken a dive? Do you feel any different?

If just getting out of bed in the morning is an effort, its time to make some changes.

i experience those that are in italic fonts.. especially the last one.. i’ve been late for classes daily for the past two weeks. *bleah*

i wonder why, when everything’s going great in my life, i’m not satisfied.. i want more out of it.. = /

Please forgive me, If I didn’t say I love you Every single day


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