Stay With Me

Latest Addiction: – Michael Lington – Stay With Me

fall in love with this particular song after hearing it in Mclairs (someone from ohgenki) blog. was pretty amazed that why the song its by a guy..(given the thought by the name of the artiste) and the song was like female vocals..i was like ‘????’ so tried searching for the limited lyrics that the song has…… and…. came across the artiste’s site and realised that he’s a saxophonist! [ think Kenny G] suddenly realised how dumb/stupid i was to even try and search for the lyrics… >.<

past few days have been pretty fine. life got on as normal…. school’s gonna start real soon.. and i havent made up my mind if i wanna further my studies after dip.. though my parents told me to go for it. *sigh* guess i shall really go think when its time to submit applications. =X

time for me to get some sleep..~ i cant wait for 25th Dec Night.. woohooo~

~Stay With Me Tonight.. Close Your Eyes… Stay With Me Till The Morning Light…~


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