It’s An Amazing Game!!!

Latest Addiction: – ??’s ??????…

Addictions & More Addictions! very very horrible! been stuck playing a puzzle/logical/brain teaser game that whitespace introduced to me last night.

i finally completed 25 levels of The Wicked Junior and stuck on levevl 35 out of 40 levels for The Wicked hehe of course with some help from the introducer of the game.

Think i cleared too many levels today until my brain not thinking straight. haha. gonna continue tomorrow i guess. =)

went to meet dear at clementi on monday.. i took a bus from outside my school.. wah long journey.. and worst still someone brought salted fish up the bus!! or was it athlete’s foot i dunnoe. but it sure stinks like mad >.< went bukit batok to slack for awhile, treated dear to sakae sushi dinner.. before going home to see that footshopping’s birkenstock arrived! their service have improved finally!

sunday might be going to town.. maybe for marche. redeemed a $30 voucher from m1’s sunperks. :X

april’s a busy month. assignment deadlines, production stuff + 2 exams to sit for before graduation. i cant wait!!~

btw dunnow why i just hate/detest the month April. regardless of what year it is. URGH!

?????? ?????
???? ?????
?????? ?????
???? ?????
?????? ?????
????? ????
?????? ?????
???? ???????


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