Great Weekend

Latest Addiction: – Rain – Sad Tango

one more week of lessons before exams..~ i think i’m gonna miss my classmate a whole lot. =( oh well.. time to start doing my assignments.. as they are due on friday..

had a great weekend including friday~ hehe. dear came over to my granny’s place to have dinner as its my granny’s birthday..~ had lots of until everyone was so full. dear even stayed to play mahjong with my aunts and dad….

didnt work on saturday as had to go eat dinner with dear and his whole family at a restaurant to celebrate his ahma’s birthday..~ was there from 7plus – 10plus pm.. such a long dinner.. 10 course dinner somemore~ there was lobster, shark fin, bamboo clams etc.. and.. the desert was durian pudding.. haa it tastes more like durian puree instead.. but still delicious.. his dad spend like $2k at the restaurant >.<

dear’s uncle were like sorta drunk and were like hinting to dear that when they are gonna get to sit at the red table… at his wedding… seems like the people around us cant wait for it.. =/

i spent sunday sleeping in dear’s room.. while he played his game.. haa.. i think the only time i was awake was only to have brunch and dinner before he sent me home..
slacky sunday…

and today i have to work >.< drats! i hate monday blues.. sigh.. oh well dear promised to fetch me from work tonight..

btw anyone interested in getting birkenstock from Footshopping? can drop me a msg in my msn or the respective forums yea? =)

I Wanna Build Up Our Future Together..


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