SIM’s Letter!

Latest Addiction: – Craig David’s One Last Dance

Finally receieved SIM’s letter~ after waiting for some time. Dad was right, when u’re waiting and peeping into the mailbox often it wont arrive. The moment i decided to stop waiting. The letter arrived :X Got accepted to SIM but have to submit UOL application form at RELC. i got to find a way to go there. =/ Once get accepted by UOL, enrolment as SIM will be confirmed… and will grad in June 2009…

On a sidenote, Mom ask dad if he’s loaning the money to me to do my uni studies. He never reply. Only say as long as i got heart to study can liaos. >.<

On the same day i recieved a letter stating that i’ve won a bottle of ear de perfum.. HUGO BOSS’s Pure Purple. hehe through one of those magazines contest thingy.. will probably go collect when i finish my exam paper on 2nd of may~

have yet to really let leo know.. he seems to be ultra busy with work again.. *sigh*
or rather we havent been spending much time together probably just only the weekends ba? i guess quality beats quantity in our relationship now eh?

been working abit more this week too as boss went overseas.. which means i get to earn a little bit more.

Looking forward to the weekend. gonna have dinner at Suntec’s Rice Table with dear on sunday. i hope he doesnt forgets. *cross fingers*

And gonna feast again on May 7th. Advanced Mother’s Day Celebration, Dad’s Birthday & Mom’s Birthday.. all together.. ahhh~ havent decide wat to get for them.. plus havent decide where to feast.. *headache*

I would give my heart
give you the world, risk losing everything I got
i’d give it all to you
though I don’t wanna stop
I know it’s the right thing to do


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