What Are The Memories We Chose To Remember??

Latest Addiction: – Michael Lington – Stay With Me

Had an MSN chat with a friend that havent caught up with for a few years. Seems like alot of things have changed. Felt rather bad that i vaguely remember him.. i guess maybe it’s cause we sorta lost contact on a sour note and i chose not to remember the bad memories. yea i think i have selective memory loss. only choose to remember those good memories and those close to my heart. :s or preharps maybe its because its been so darn many years ago? eh wait tat cant be. cause i met jasmine on the mrt train about 2 weeks ago and i remember her! plus she told me my first love was looking for me to see how’s life been. heh. seems like my past has came back to haunt me as predicted in my horoscope readings. SCARY!!

Went to school today to finish up my last presentation for design in communication. Currently left with enterprenurship project & macroeconomics exam. soon it will be all over.

Met up with leo after school to spend some quality time together. told him about the SIM’s letter.. he encouraged me to go try and who noes maybe i’ll get in? hehe. he even offered to drive me to RELC to hand in my application but er.. got to wait for him to find time 😦

During dinner, we talked bout our future plans and stuff, to those that are waiting for us to get married will have to wait for at least another 3 yrs. =X Probably will only happen after i finished up my degree. + he also might wanna study somemore..

well, if it happens it happens doesnt it? if he’s destined not to be mine. den he will never be.

time to go sleep~~ needa work tmr~

Btw, Happy Birthday Kristy~~! May All Your Wishes Come True Yeah? =)

Mama, you gave life to me
Turned a baby, into a lady
And mama, all you had to offer
was a promise of a lifetime of love
Now I know, there is no other
Love like a mother’s
Love for her child


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