What’s Playing In My Playlist: – ???’s ???? Saraheyo, ???’s ???? & ??’s Superwoman.

12 days since i last blogged, van mentioned not to be lazy.. thus i’m blogging an entry now. >.<

The days has been great. working only on Wed, either sat or sunday, spending the rest of the days at home nua. yeah. literally NUA! i think i better find another part time job to work. was browsing through mediacorp’s corporate webbie, they are hiring production assistants, wonder if i should try and apply and at least work till i recieved my letter of Offer from UOL. hmm.. have discussed with my mom and dear. they both say okie. well at least gain experience eh? =P

NAFA finally send out my transcripts this morning after i pressed on about whether they had sent. phew~ and the student admission officer mentioned that i’ve met the requirement to graduate. yeah~ should be reciving my final year transcript soon too.
hopefully nothing goes wrong with RELC.. >.<

Grandma gave me $200 as my 21st birthday pressie, she asked me to go buy ‘gold’ jewellery.. in the end i spent it on gojane items =X they just arrived today. and looked very lovely~ hehe.

Not sure if any of you are into CPOP & korean pop fusioned together. but…. KANGTA & VANNESS together sure are hot!!!~ I’m addicted to their new single ‘Scandal’ & 127 days. plus their performance is HOT! Think i’m gonna get the new album when its out. It will be a mixed of chinese, english & korean..=X

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(don’t they look good together? =])

Official Site: www.kangtavanness.com

I’m back to mapling, anyone still playing can drop me a msg kae? haha.~

Took this picture awhile ago before it rained..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gorgeous Clouds ain’t they?

steff has also just gotten her suzuki swift. which makes dear’s family now having 3 cars. I cant wait to get my license. ARGH!

07/07/2007 – nice date aint it?? *winks*

Sarang Heyo means “I love you”


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