Latest Addiction: – Toni Braxton – Spanish Guitar

I’m super tired.. i slpt only at 4.30am last night, and got woken up by my mom at about 10.30am. o.0 now i’m like yawning away. How to survive the rest of the day. gonna meet darling later for dinner + movie, probably gonna club too. Have a gut feeling that there will be no seats for X Men III: The Last Stand as we never book tickets. = | *plops her head on the keyboard and sleeps. zzzzzzz*

Recieved a call from NAFA today.. telling me there’s an error in my transcripts. wah piangs! Rush them and then got error. %$^&%*&)(*&$ so now my credit point is 122/120 instead of 120/120 -__-” plus they havent send out to RELC yet. The person say will do so on monday instead…. and.. i’ll have to go down to NAFA on monday to get my transcripts corrected. =/

My results wasn’t tat spectacular.. no As.. only 2Bs, 2Cs, and a couple of Ds for re-assed modules. I hope with such grades, UOL will be able to accept.. =X

i’m holding another spree from this link. Click Here.

Am gonna get 2 denim skirts & 1 pair of shorts. =D

Heard shots outside my window just now.. guess someone’s killing the crows. =(

Steal my heart with every note you play
I pray you’ll look my way
And hold me to your heart someday
I long to be the one that you caress with tenderness
And you don’t know
You don’t even know that I exist


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