New Layout

Latest Addiction: – Lee Hyolee’s Shall We Dance & Get Ya!

New Layout! Featuring Kaname, Yuki & Zero From Hino Matsuri’s Vampire Knight ?????. the series is out till book 2 only. grr. its been a long wait for book 3 >.< Practically in love with kaname ( the guy with brown hair) who is a upper class vampire (something like the chaste system with different classes), cool & stylish looking. hehe i wonder what will happen next in the manga.

i think i have a fascination with vampires. hmm previously was model by Lee So Young and now this. haha~!

Back to my life, everything’s pretty fine. waiting for parcels & my items to arrive at my place.

watched Perharps Love VCD last night. god i love the movie. the glamour and singing in the show is excellent. though the storyline abit luan. Reel & real life cant really tell which is which while watching. >.< but still it makes me regret now tat i missed the musical Snow Wolf Lake ??? last year. ARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! perhaps my only salvation now is to watch it on DVD. =(

Postman arrived quite early in the morning today..the korean drama series which i bidded online has finally arrived! yay! can watch tonight when i get home from work. =P

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retails @ S$49.90.. i paid only S$30 including registered postage. and its DVD too!

I seem to be into korean pop again. Kangta & vanness, Rain, and now Lee Hyolee.. she’s back with her second solo album. found a couple of superb songs on her album Dark Angel, but sadly the type of songs she sings sounds abit like Britney Spears. 😦
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2nd June 2006 marks 6yrs 9months with leo since we started our lovestory…rather odd that it doesnt feel tat long…. we no longer celebrate monthly anniversaries but we do make it a point that we spend time together on tat special day each month ^.^ looking forward to our 7th year anni (hopefully no 7th year itch) but i’m in a dilemma.. dunnoe what to get him. =/ any suggestions?

???? ????
Happiness & Grief, They Come In Pairs
???? ????
I’m Bewitched By You, You’re Bewildered By Me


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