Listening to: Ja Rule – Wonderful

It’s becoming a habit that i blog only once a week. haha. mostly seem to fall on mondays. I need to turn my biological clock back. i’m sleeping like only almost 5am on weekdays. and 3plus am on weekends. o.0

SIM Enrolment Talk is gonna be held on 19th June.. guess i’m gonna have to go and listen~ plus getting to plan the timetable is kinda new. haha. i’ll probably planned it in such a way that Monday & fridays i have no school. =X

TP in about 2 weeks time. gonna start revision again this coming friday. i hope i still remember how to drive. havent been gng for practice since march. 😦

Spent the weekend with dear, went parkway parade to walk around.. & do abit of ‘shopping’ sadly we only ended up buying 4 bars of chocolates from The Cocoa Tree Shop.

While having dinner @ Pastamania, somehow or rather we chatted bout our future plans… i wonder if i’ll be able to make it by starting up a retail shop after i graduate. heh. one of the possible career paths i might end up choosing.

He even asked if i’ll feel weird being called a Mrs. at such a young age. -___-” and if it will affect my studies not.. hmmm…

Feel like i’ve trashed all of leo’s plan that he has made previously before i told him i wanna continue to study.. but i guess he must have made new ones already.

07/07/2007.. seems like a perfect date to seal a lifetime promise of love…

What’s the Big HOO HA about Turning Twenty-One? I dun’t understand.

My life is dark but its lovely & I Love it!!


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