Sunday Spree + SIM Enrolment Talk..

Latest Addiction: – Yo-Yo Ma’s Libertango

First & Foremost ————- Happy Birthday Vanwie~!!!! become ????? haha~ =X

Never did thought i would fell in love with Yo Yo Ma’s music. haha. talented cello-ist i must say.

Bought two new CDs last week. “Classics In The City – 38 Contemporary Classics” & Nelly Furtado – Loose.

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Highly recommending Nelly Furtado’s Loose album for those that like/love R&B..; kinda amazing that the album was real good. Addictive Tracks Like maneater, promiscuous etc, given that she belt out hits like ‘Try’ & ‘I’m Like A Bird’.

I’m finally feeling better already… dear also said that i should take the test when i’m more confident. heh. looking at a test date of early oct. =)

Went shopping on sunday @ orchard with dearest. I think my taste has gone up. simple stuff dun sastify me.. I fell in love with a pair of jeans at Calvin Klein… the price tag was a…. a…. a…. WHOPPING S$339!!!! no discount on it too. *cries* i have to try and get it out of my mind~~!!! overall had a wonderful time + dinner at cafe cartel. ate till both of us super full. In the end, dear bought me a new black & purple jacket from 77th street. spotted a few other beautiful stuff in orchard too.. its just that its too pricy.. sigh~ gonna gear up to shop this coming sunday @ suntec city + dinner at marche. heh heh heh heh.

anyone wanna join us? =D

went SIM this morning for the enrolment talk. hmm nothing much. just touched on the application, registeration & planning of Timetable stuff. am actually feeling tired now.. guess i’m gonna sleep early tonight…

Lemmings for the following stuff from =(

i like this very much.. but its so not affordable at the price of 50pounds which rounds up to about S$150. = |
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these are still pretty afforable, each item around 7pounds to 25pounds…
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NAFA Graduation convocation letter arrived. cant decide to go or not to go. realised i have to work on the same day too….. = /

I Wanna Be The Shoulder You Cry On…


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