Puzzle Ring

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Had a great weekend~ though i had to work the morning shift for saturday & sunday. =| dear didnt have to work or go back camp on saturday. (he’s on reservist week) came down to my place to fetch me to work and later on came by to fetch me to suntec. hehe. we had lunch/dinner at Marche… the roasted lamb shoulder in stew was delicious. meat super tender too >.< thinking bout it now makes me drools. Its the next best thing to steak since i cant eat beef. =/

shop around suntec, dear bought this puzzle ring, which is 5cm in diameter. (i’m looking for the wearable one, if any of you happen to see it in stores, please let me know!!. ^_^)

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and the name of the ring literally means its a puzzle. the ring can be taken apart very easily and placed back together again with some skill. So there i was shopping around, dear was trying to fix it back. We even thought the ring will make a good wedding band for the both of us. haha. well that is if we can find it in singapore. I wonder if tiffany & co has it. hmm..

anyway this isn’t some stupid puzzle ring, in the past, pple actually use it for engagements and wedding bands. but i still cant imagine having to assemble it before being able to wear it on ring finger.

Bought a new bag & black handphone pouch from M)phosis, courtesy of darling of course~ =D He actually paid for it without asking for the amount first >.<

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their carrier bag looks good too!

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A puzzle ring is a type of finger ring made up of four, six, eight, or twelve interconnected rings. Reassembly is a form of mechanical puzzle. Many are Italian or English from the Renaissance period. They were developed from gimmal rings, which derive their name from the Latin gemelli, meaning “twins.” Gimmal rings were mainly used as wedding rings, because the wearer could not cheat on their spouse without taking it off first and then putting it back together afterward.


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