New Layout

Latest Addiction: – Laura Pausini’s I Need Love

New month, New layout as usual, hehe. Abel NightRoad / Crusik 02 from Trinity Blood (????) which is about humans & vampire’s war.. the latest that i’m gonna be reading + finished watching. =X the anime left me unsastified with its open-ended ending. URGH. but still kinda amazing how from novel it became with manga & anime. sadly the author is already deceased. Thus at the current moment, both series of the books (Rage Against The Moon, Reborn On Mars) isn’t completed yet as it was published concurrently. *sigh* will try to get my hands on the manga.. still considering if i should read the novel which is totally in CHINESE!! =(

On a good note, my favourite manga author – Kaori Yuki [which brought me into the world of manga with Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinryoku)] is back with a new series – Fairy Cube~ and for the first time will be published in ENGLISH along with the chinese version. hehe. Seriously still feel her art is to die for. =X

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Recieved UOL’s offer letter few days ago.. weee~~~ no need to worry cannot do degree studies liaos =X now only need to wait for school to start. a month from now.. on my birthday…

i’ve got nothing much to blog, nothing much exciting in my life these days.. i’m like idling time away… Gah!

it’s time to go sleep.. probably gonna go watch Superman Returns later in the night when i finish work~ = D

I Guess You Never Thought You Did Hear Me Say.. I Need You..


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