Girls’ Day Out + Leo’s Birthday

Latest Addiction: – Kaori Yuki’s Fairy Cube

I saw the preview of the Fairy Cube volumes cover at the back of its Volume 1. Gawd.. its awesome, simply beauuuuutiiiiifullllll… I cant wait to see it in its full glory of colours..and the best part, My stupid brain is already churning designs/layout for my august’s layout change. -_____-” to think i changed my layout like only a week ago? bah~

6/7/06, met up with luc & hoon to collect our diploma certs. at first look it doesnt even LOOK LIKE a cert or rather doesnt look like a TYPICAL cert. maybe cause its arts school, thus everything also different from others. haha. had dinner with them and walked around bugis + ICON before heading home to eat durian! Simply cause my dad called in the evening to tell me he bought durian for me and ask me go home early eat. -__-” i’ve got a fetish for polka dots.. I’m still thinking of that brown/pink combi polka dot top that i saw at bugis. hur hur. hopefully i can find something that cost cheaper. =X

Few days ago, darling surprised me and we ended up talking about starting our own business or rather he help finance my future business. heh. thou i must come up with a business proposal first. =X I hope he means it, i’m seriously seeing my dreams come true one by one.. It’s rather scary in a way..

7th July 2006 – Happy Birthday Darling~!!

I finally found
The kind of love that makes me wanna live
wanna breathe, makes me feel too much


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