Latest Addiction: – Laura Pausini – Do I Dare

Had a good dinner with dear on the 7th.~ Went To A Nice Place. hehe. will blog about it when i get the pictures from dear’s phone. need to find a way to upload from a V3 to the computer without using a data cable. =/

Wore A Pair Of New Covered Kitten Heels That Day.. And It Given Me Blisters at my heels!!! ARGH. which i think was made worst with the lobster i ate tat day & squids i ate the day after from old chang kee.. Who to blame?? but myself… It hurts quite bad at times when flexed. + bleed a little… so now. .this is how my heels look like ..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dad made me apply medicine on it + have it covered!! Boohoo! =(

I’ll pray for it to recover fast, at the meantime.. I’m SWEARING OFF COVERED SHOES!!! ARGH!

time for bed..~ yawns..

I never thought about it, I learned to live without it
But now sometimes it feels just like I’m gonna die without it


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