Pirates Of The Carribean : Dead Man Chest…

Latest Addiction: – Laura Pausini’s It’s Not GoodBye

It’s been a busy week. packing up spree stuff to mail, meeting up people to pass them their stuff, meeting dear, working plus worrying bout my grandpa.. He got admitted to the hospital during his checkup sigh. apparently, he’s bloated.

From what i heard, about 5.8litres of water inside him like that. *sigh* luckily he can go home tomorrow liaos. hope everything will be fine. =)

Spent the weekend with darling, didn’t head out on saturday night after i finish work. went over to his place to slack. ended up playing maplestory. lol =X It’s only fun when you have friends playing and a fantastic guild. = D

Went to watch Pirates Of The Carribean : Dead Man’s Chest just now at Causeway point. hehe save 12% off the tickets with UOB credit card.. so weekend fare is only $15 (the tix were priced at $8.50 instead of $9.50 there). instead of $19. worth it eh?! I miss the M1 deal thou.. 1 tix at full price, 2nd tix at half the price =X

found the movie not bad, interesting, hilarious. found myself and dear laughing away in the cinema. haha luckily we didnt get stitches/cramps from laughing.. also the places that they choose to film the movie were really really nice.. didnt really like the ending, like erm.. left the movie hanging there, make you ITCH to wanna watch the next sequel.. which is slated to be release in May 2007. Found somewhere that the first 59pages of the movie script for the next sequel has been published on the internet. gah!! i hope they do change the script or something >.<

my asos orders got cancelled. sigh no more new stuff to look forward too. = (


What if I never kiss your lips again
Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace.
How would I ever go on?,
Without you there’s no place to belong…


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