Latest Addiction: – Simple Plan – Emotions

I wonder if PMS has struck me again. i’m freaking emotional. Even listening to songs can prompt my mind to think about lots of things plus trigger a few tears. = / Something is very wrong, or perharps the importance of turning 21 has finally dawned on me. *urgh*

was staring at my layout just now and have an urge to change it again finding it so not me.. i still love my previous layout 😡 . Perharps i should have kept to my inital design plan that i had for august. haha. Maybe.

I’m actually seriously thinking bout my future. Thinking bout the huge amount of money i wanna earn each month next time when i work full time. More than enough $$ to give myself a comfortable life, repay study loan to my Mom’s CPF account, for any children in future that i’m blessed to have, plus give my parents lots of money for having given me a blessed life plus putting me through school. *sigh* (I would definitely won’t wanna be dependent on my future husband..) all these seems so far away. I wonder if i did make a wrong choice to continue on to get a degree. If i didn’t, i would probably be earning more than what i’m actually earning now. =/

I finally see things in the way leo and his friends seems them, in a way where “Money makes the world go round” without it, you cant even do anything. can’t even buy a house or get a bigger house, can’t even afford to have your own car, can’t even keep things, pets you love close to you, can’t even have lessons for the subjects/things you love.

I can seriously say i REALLY REALLY REALLY MISSED BALLET. ARRRGHHHH! I still remember my childhood dream to be a ballerina. haha. but sadly genes made me too short in height to even consider it as a career.

I guess the article i read in HERWORLD August 2006 Issue – “Quit Your Job, Lose His Respect” which was basically about how a lady chose to become a stay-at-home mum and sacrificed her career for her family thus becoming totally dependent on the husband’s income and the harsh reality of it where mentioned the relationship detoriates & the husband loses respect for the wife… really made me think..

Perharps its really a waste to be a degree holder and become a stay at home mom/wife.

I’m off to bed. Hopefully Tomorrow will be A Better Day! = ]

Nothing’s gonna change
The things that you said
Nothing’s gonna make this
Right again
Please don’t turn your back
I can’t believe it’s hard
Just to talk to you
But you don’t understand

‘Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I’m sorry
I can’t be Perfect
Now it’s just too late
And we can’t go back
I’m sorry
I can’t be Perfect


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