Latest Addiction: – Kangta & Vanness – ?? ?????

It’s been a tiring few days. spending most of my time at the wake. *sigh* keeping a lookout for my younger cousins, trying to stay awake till 7am in the morning. offering prayers to grandpa.. = ( Still can’t quite believe he’s gone.

something happened to his picture today before cremation… his forehead has three dots appeared, one of my auntie says she saw the world ? on the forehead too.. and one of grandpa’s ear…. er… sorta disappeared/vanished. kinda scary infact.. given that it was there the past few days. >.< anyway its good that he ?? le. I guess its really good begets the good, and evil begets evil.

Earlier this year, read the horoscope thingy at Chinatown seems to strike so true.. it mentioned that there will be death in the family this year. *sigh*

I’ll always remember him and the good times he instilled in my childhood. =)

just started watching a love to kill. i feel like marathoning thru the night right now.. but.. I need to find a way to go slp soon.. i slept from 4pm – 11.30pm just now.. die la! tmr lecture at 9am! *faints* ~>_<~



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