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Latest Addiction: – A Love To Kill

My Parents, Aunties & Uncles went to collect grandpa’s ashes today. and they found out another wonder!! His ashes are actually pinkish with flower seeds [ mom says its those flowers that buddha has.. er.. think its lotus??] not very white nor black. the person at the crematorium mentioned that only a good man will have his ashes like that! and everyone is happy that grandpa is such a good man. =)

mom came up with the theory that preharps grandpa’s past life was a deity, did something wrong, banished to earth.. bla bla bla. .thus when he ended his life on earth, the ashes are pinkish and he returns to heaven. seems like imagnation has run wild. lol.

anyway its clearly a PHENOMENON!!

i wished i had went along but i needed to go school for lessons. *hais* = (

Good Begets Good ; Evil Begets Evil


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