100 DAYS…

Latest Addiction: – ?

For a 100 days…

I cannnot paint my toe/fingernails.
I cannot cut my hair.
I cannot wear bold bright coloured clothes.
I cannot wear too much accesories..
[these days i only put on two rings on ring finger.]

I cannot stay over at darling’s place.
I cannot step into anyone’s house except my kins.
I cannot attend joyous occassions.

Gawd. I think i’ll go mad before the days are up. *grumbles*

School has been so so.. just started sociology classes, i hope its not one of those super boring module.. maths a killer…since i havent touch it for 3 yrs & didnt do A-maths. luckily i have my sister to teach me. she’s a maths whiz…

Been feeling extremely tired these days and yet i dun get to sleep early and wake up early. -____-” Had just finish watching “A Love To Kill” the first few episode were not bad after that super draggy…. kinda sad that in the end both the leads died. anyway i still like “Fullhouse” >.<

next drama i gonna watch – Princess Hours! + the one on channel u @ 10pm now.. hehe thinking if i should go buy that also. =X

“A Love To Kill ??????” is for sale now @ S$30.

time to go offline.. FPA meeting later @ 1pm!!


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