Year End Overseas Trip

Latest Addiction: – Backstreet Boys’ Just Want You To Know & Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair

I haven’t blogged for 13days. Life’s been pretty normal with school, work, spending time alone at home & accompanying dear.

Dear’s mom is looking for someone to help her out in the office, with the admin stuff, quotation etc etc.. he asked if i wanted to go help out.. but i dun have construction knowledge so cannot…

Sis gotten her semestral results recently.. Her GPA is a whopping 3.96 out of 4.. -___-” I wonder how the hell she studies… must go ask her for pointers! That same day Dad was saying me.. see your sister can do so well.. If you work harder also can get this kind of results. =| I need to buck up.

Dear brought up the topic of Co-habiting recently, but my parents will only agree if we do go and get ROM-ed first..

A couple of reasons to move.. :

1) His place is nearer to school.
[from my own house take 1hr 15mins to reach, from his only 15mins.(if he drives me in the morning, if not 30mins)]
2) I get to see him everyday!
3) Nearer to my workplace at holland village.
(traveling time will be reduced greatly!)
4) There’s the intention to become “Man & Wife”.

Dear says he will go discuss with my parents when the 100days is up.

I’ve also just found out from my dad that if there is death in the family… cannot have customary marriages for 3yrs.. regards of marrying out or marrying in…but that doesn’t including ROM-ing… which i find it weird. =/

Previous plan of going korea this year end has been changed.~
We are going Northeastern China instead. Going Away for 10days , visiting Harbin [???] World Of Ice & Snow & revisiting Beijing for two days too! hehe i cant wait!~will be flying in the morning of 22/12/06 ? be back only on 31/12/06 at night~ went to book last sunday~
4 persons S$6000+++

I sorta never did get to spend xmas with dear in SG. ~>.<~ Went and watch “The BanQuet” on tues. its kinda like an art film with lots of killing.. some parts of the killing where like dancing sia. too graceful. but overall not bad. would rate it a 3 out of 5.

I wanna go starlight cinema!! but like got nothing to catch there ley. = (

I missed two classes today. Maths & IBM. I overslept! 9am class i woke up at 8am.. take 1 hr 15mins to travel by the time reach school i think about 10+am? class ends at 12noon. thus i went back to sleep and i woke up at 1pm for 1.30pm class.. I’m such a piggy today.

I definitely must be sleeping off my SLEEP DEBT.

“A Public Affair” sorta grew on me after hearing is frequently on 98.7fm. *hums*

TonightCarte blanche, first class for the eveningReady, set, go

All the girls stepping out for a public affairAll night, let's rock, cause the party don't stop.

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