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Stacie Orrico’s I’m Not Missing You & F.I.R’s ????

New Layout Featuring Yuko-san From xxxHoLic. Gotten sick of the click click layout. Thus for this layout I made everything on one page. hehe.

Hmm pretty much have nothing to blog, went to school on sat morning for econs…before heading home. had dinner at grandma’s place where she was giving out grandpa’s ‘assets’ everyone got something some gold + abit of $$.

Went out for dinner with dear yesterday after work. Had Kenny Rogers Roasters, wooohoo I so love the Macroni & Cheese~~ Finally sastified my craving. went walking around suntec, millienium walk & marina square.. we only ended up buying DVDs & VCDs. =X

I’m feeling very lethargic. have an assignment due tmr but i’ve not done it. maths test on thurs and i dun noe a damn thing bout that topic. ARGH!

How Do I Live Without You?


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