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Save The Last Dance OST – Our Love Will Always Last (Intstrumental)

New Softy added to my collection. Courtesy Of My Sister; Yvonne.

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“I’m Peeping At You!”

First driving experience on the road without an instructor but with leo was bad.. and driving his liteace felt weird. probably i ain’t used to it. I’m quite bad with directions. I think i only know how to go town, go home, go school, go his place. haha. I need to start recognising roads!

Starlight Cinema Experience this year was ruined by the haze & a bad movie choice. We watched “The BreakUp” kinda don’t get the story plus the ending was just as bad.

Have recieved my Photocard Driving Licence & finally the cutie spree loots.
Never did understand why Mr. Postman always knock my house door until its like gonna topple down. =/

The roads may sometimes be unpaved
You may think that our love can not be saved
Though the world out there
May be cold to all we share
I have you, to take me through the night
And if we hold on tight
And stay true to all that’s right
Then baby, our love will always last…


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