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Being Bored, I Did This Quiz~

This quiz has 84 questions.
Here’s what you’re supposed to do….and DON’T spoil the fun.
Copy this entire bulletin and paste it onto a new bulletin that you will send.
Change all the answers so that they apply to you.
Put how long it took u to do in the subject

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about those who know you.

1. Start Time: 14.25pm
2. Name: eLyNn
3. Nickname: LyNn
4. If u were a skittle what color would you be?: Purple
5. Chinese Zodiac: Ox
6. Horoscope: Leo
7. Hair color: Brownish Black
8. Eye color: Brownish Black
9. Height: Petite.
10. Favorite Color: Purple
11. Glasses?: Yes
12. Braces?: No
13. Piercing/tattoos: Piercing on ears counted?
14. Pet: None
15. Area code: ?? 65?

******HAVE YOU EVER******
17. Cut your own hair?: nope
18. Did you do something in the past month that you regret?: nope
20. Hugged someone who isn’t ur g/f or b/f? : nope
21. Skipped school?: Yes
22. Bungee jumped?: No
23. jump off a building? No
24. Dumped someone?: yeah
25. Been arrested?: No
26. TP’d someone’s house?: har?
27. Won something?: Nope
30. Been rejected?: yeah
31. Been to a funeral?: yeah
32. Used a lighter?: yeah
33. Been on stage?: YEAP!


34. Season: Autumn
35. Food: Tom Yam Soup!
36. Ice cream flavour: Chocolate Chips?
37. School subject(s): -__-”
38. Person?: none. equal to everyone ^_^
41. Book(s): Katie Macalister, Amanda Quick etc..
42. Movie(s): Romantic + Comedies
43. Song?: Practically anything soothing and with meaningful lyrics
44. Park?: none.
45. State: none
46. Place: Bedroom
47. Sport to watch: Gymnastics. (thou i havent watch in ages)
49. Bands/musicians: 5566
50. Letter(s): E?
51. Restaurant: none
52. Cartoon Character(s): Tasmania Devil~
53. TV Station(s): Nope
54. Name for a son : …..
55. Name for a daughter: …….

******DO YOU PREFER******

56. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
58. long relationships or short? Long
59. Dogs or cats?: puppies
60. Scary movies or comedies?: comedies
61. Short hair or long: Long
62. Croutons or bacon bits?: Croutons
63. Kissing or hugging: Kissing.


64. Mexicans: Cowboy?
65. School: IJ
66. Grass: Horse
67. Cow: polka dots?
68. Canada: Niagra Falls
69. Mouse: Mickey
70. Hands: Fingers

******THE PAST 48 HOURS, HAVE YOU******

71. Watched a movie?: nope
72. Talked on the phone?: yes
73. Cried?: nope. teared counted?
74. Threw up?: nope
75. Drank a glass of water?: yeap
76. Done Drugs?: nope
77. Read a book or magazine?: yesh
78. Watched TV?: yeap. news.
79. Looked in the mirror?: yeah
80. Taken a shower?: yah la!
81. Taken a picture?: nope
82. Listened to music?: yup. listening.
83. Kissed someone?: yeap. dear!
84. Told someone you liked them: nope.

Time Taken : 6 mins.

????????? ?????????
??? ??? ??? ????? ?????

????????? ??????????
???? ???? ????? ????? ??


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