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One whole week since i last blogged. This week passed by like a breeze in the wind. Let me try and recall what i’ve done =X

I finally cleared out my “Study Shelf/Drawer” of its Old Nafa Year 3 Stuff.. realized got alot of junk inside and placed all my degree stuff in it. Shown here is like only 2/3 of the notes as i’ve gotten new stacks after the picture was taken =/

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My new notes sorta dun’t like me.. i keep getting papercuts sigh. anyway sch’s been great lect time passes very very fast and learn new stuff hehe. went back on friday to try and complete sociology assignment.. shall say didnt really get alot of things done but managed to have an idea of what to write. Saw someone in school that i havent seen for a year plus, good to see him looking great. =)

SIM’s Film & Performing Arts Society has an upcoming theatre production for the beginning of next year (5th & 6th Jan Tentatively) probably held at the National Library! I’m helping out with Marketing though was offered the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) post. Production Meeting held every thursday after a long day at school. I hope i can survive.. somehow i miss life at nafa =s

Bought this a week ago. no more messy untidy study notes!!

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Looking forward to this coming tuesday, made a date appointment (yes we are both busy people until must plan beforehand =[ ) with dearie, probably gonna do some shopping and mayhap i’ll get to drive him around = D

I don’t feel like myself these days. =(

Time to watch Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge [???????] Anime~




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