Creativity Block

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Just a short update,

I’ve been such a lazy bum. not doing much just watching animes & mangas online.

No new layout till I get rid of my creativity block = [

Life’s been great for me, dear & me had been talking about our future, both decided that probably we should take the next step in our relationship, but of course there are alot of factors to consider, one being i’m still schooling. *sigh* Still feel like my decision to do degree studies sorta thrashed out alot of his plans. =

Happy that i can skip grade 6 for ballet & do grade 7. hohohoho I wanna dance en pointe again~~ hope able to start syallbus class next yr~ must tell myself to buck up!

Out of sudden, I’ve craving for SUSHI!! =X

I need to go start and do my IBM assignment. it’s due on thurs. T.T

Not Summer’s Bloom Lies Ahead Of Us, But Rather A Polar Night Of Icy Darkness & Hardness…


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