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REIRA staring Yuna Ito – Endless Story

New layout! Honjo Ren & Oosaki Nana from the manga NANA. I’m hooked on the manga i can’t wait for the ending, can’t wait to see if the two of them did get married in the end or will it end in tragedy its already 17 volumes probably its gonna end at the 20th volume? This manga has been going on since 2002….

I’m also watching the anime and bought the movie too under the same tittle. [NANA2 the sequel will be out sometime Dec’06] Endless Story is one of the songs that’s been played in the movie, no idea why when i was watching and hearing it. i sorta teared.. i guess maybe its cause of the lyrics. =x The english & chinese version don’t sound as nice the japanese one thou. Yuna Ito really have strong powerful vocals. *envy*

Still haven’t complete watching Paradise Kiss Anime & The Art Of Seduction Movie.. probably will finish up today since i don’t have to work.. =)

Memories of our time together
???? ???? don’t go away (this way, they don’t go away)

?????????? ????? (Once I knew that the warmth between us had disappeared)
??????? ?????????? (gentle tears started to spread over my chest)
?????? I’m missing you (This is not where it ends, I’m missing you)
???? ????? (Please don’t let go of my hand)

???? ???? ??????????? (You see, I wish I could sing this song, just for you)
???? ???? (just one more time)
????? story ????????? (An ENDLESS STORY of undying Love)
tell me why ???? ?????? (Tell me why, please tell me, forever and ever)


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