Date Choosing…

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Bon Jovi – Misunderstood

I spent the weekend with dear from sat evening till monday morning. weee~ havent spent such a long time with him in ages. >.< sunday night, his mom cooked steamboat, had crabs, salmon, prawns… gosh eat until very full with his grandma, parents, his bro, his sis & boyfriend. I feel like i growing fat already!!

Wanted to e-file ROM over the weekend for the date 140207, but the basic room one was fully booked. thought of 040307 which is chinese valentine’s day but somehow decided not to. now left with,

020907 [02091999 was the date we first began]

odd how we decided date don’t matter but in the end…. -_________________-”

Oh well.. i hope everything goes well..

watched “Step Up” once again looking at the dancers in the movie makes me feel like dancing T.T

Heh, just the other day i posted that i havent watched finished Paradise Kiss [btw i havent complete also. =X], the next day took up 8days to read.. i saw the ADVERT!!! Paradise Kiss on Animax. zzzzzz

I stumbled like my words, did the best I could
Damn, misunderstood
Intentions good.


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