Mafia Van

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F4 – Te Amo ???
Chingy – Bella Baby

Tsk Tsk. Yet another Ai Yazawa works that i came across while searching for stuff in yahoo auctions. =X

Kagen no Tsuki ???? Last Quarter [ Click for the wiki information ]

Kagen no Tsuki Movie Trailer [ Click to view ]

looks kinda nice. trying to watch the movie version on Youtube but the screen’s rather small subtittles looks squashed. wonder if its available in the stores. hmmm..

Feeling so unsatisfied today. didn’t get to eat McCafe’s cheesecake!!! :[Dear drove me down to the AMK’s McCafe after work and they don’t serve it there. URGH. After that I drove dear back to my place. and had right side vertical parking lessons in the carpark. LOL luckily i managed to park in one go with him helping me a little.

Just changed the tires recently and.. he beautified his liteace, looks more and more like a mafia van. with self made car decal on the bumper on left front and right back. also added name stickers (mine & his) & blood group. He’s even thinking of changing the rims. [I’ll post up pictures the next time i post hopefully]

Guys & their gadgets. I doubt I’ll ever understand.

Next week seems like torture week to me. 2 assignments due and more to come before the ‘holidays’ the following week… but.. i cant wait for next friday!! tat’s when my harbin trip starts! Yet to pack luggage also. need to buy moisturizers, a pair of jeans & 1 or 2 more long sleeve sweaters. dad told me & sis to bring more. cause its colder than Hokkaido. apparently -15 degrees now. not sure if it will get colder!!

Leo & Me has our eyes eyed on a Queentown/Holland estate which is announced under the SERS. I wonder if we are able to apply. need to find time next week to go down HDB hub too since the deadline is like 21st Dec 2006 -__-

I’ve got to also do a spree meetup & get a haircut before going on holiday. hehehe.



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