What’s In The Ringbox?

Now Playing:
Dj Sammy & Yanou’s Heaven
Teddy Geiger’s For You I Will (Confidence)

I finally found out what’s in the ringbox. pity its too huge and we had to alter its size if not i can wear it liaos 😦 Pretty much not bothered whether the ring is extremely expensive or whether its a huge carat diamond ring (its larger than the diamond pendant necklace he bought me previously though), as long as i know that he’s sincere and made an effort.

I didn’t manage to get to choose the design, but i got to choose the jeweller he buys from. LOL!

School has started back again which also means examinations are coming.. seems like its about time i seriously start studying!!

5TH & 6TH JAN 2007 8 PM

184 Days to go…

I want to be exposed, and not be afraid to fall.
You know I’m starting to think that I should be extremely thankful/grateful for everything that’s not going haywire in my life…


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