Elva – 1087

Now Playing ~
???’s ?????

I’ve always loved sad melancholy lyrics in oppose to the happy life that I have.

Latest Addiction would be… Elva’s 1087 Album

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Loved the following tracks – ??, ?????, ?????+???, ???, L.o.V.e & Honey Honey Honey. (almost half the album. LOL)

Musical Theatre Society Pte Ltd gave me a call yesterday and asked how I could help them, when I told the person I hold a Dip in Arts Management she was like shocked -__-” and invited me to go take a look at their auditions this weekend but darn! I can’t make it, attending a wedding dinner with leo tonight & working tomorrow = (

It’s going to be February in a few days, things to look forward to includes end of lessons – start of revision, Wine appreciation Journey On 12th Feb, Valentine’s Day on 14th & Bridal Concept Visit after new year to pick gown ^_^

And not looking forward to chinese new year.. cause this year cannot celebrate & Prelims Papers from the end of february. *sigh*

I’ve always wondered if the accident that happened a few years ago was it a turn in fate that changed how my life turnout?

??????? ????
??????? ??

??????? ??
????? ?????…


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