Wedding Bands?

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Been lazing around these few days. really need to start studying for prelims! T.T

Went shopping with dear yesterday, went parkway parade & Tampiness mall.. did abit of new year shopping, Leo bought his new wallet, i bought a hot pink pencil case, mark & spencer’s digestive biscuits. was suppose to buy new year clothes but spotted nothing. he tempted me by saying he can buy for me that pair of levis’ gold-thread embroidered pair of jeans for v-day but its like a whooping S$199.50. Still find that it’s not worth it. = [ [how many pairs of jeans does a lady actually need?]

Did abit of wedding bands shopping too. spotted this pair! might end up getting it in the white gold/platinum style instead [ i can’t remember if its WG or Plat.] , need to window shop & research abit more. can choose not to have the Love word engraved on it thou.

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Is White Gold Or Platinum better?

Anyone knows where i can get Parker Pens?

I seem to have alot of questions lately. LOL.


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