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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

It’s been great so far since Saturday, had dinner at dear’s uncle place – housewarming and somehow the ROM talk thingy surfaced and his uncle is willing to lend his place to us to host the solemnization and reception. [we might probably just do that.] After which accompany dear to one of his World of Warcraft guildmates girlfriend birthday BBQ..

Spent sunday at work and at Chinatown before heading home to find out that… I managed to get an account for Granado Espada‘s Close Beta Testing. weeee! I predict i’ll be spending hours playing along with studying for my prelims. lol

Went and sit for the Introduction to Business & Management (IBM) Prelim paper on monday evening with just studied 2 chapters and abit here and there. i wonder if i gonna pass, seems to me that i wrote rubbish for 9 pages [4 Questions]. It’s really a wake up call that i need to change my studying methodologies and be more productive. =P

Usually, Esplanade will send me brochures, pamphlets of their upcoming events, I received a letter from them today, and surprisingly its a notice to inform me that i won $100 worth of Esplanade Gift Vouchers. What I’m gonna do with it I have no idea, need to see if its usable for tickets or just the retail outlets in esplanade.

Been trying to buy Hana Yori Dango – Live Action (Japanese) Version , seems to be out of stock everywhere. darn. anyone knows which shops has it? (personally feel the jap. version is nicer.)

And I received a Certificate Of Appreciation from SIM for contributions to the Spilled Milk Production held early last month. (rather odd to be receiving)
it’s been a great start to the week, i hope it stays this way..

?morning call?????


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