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It’s been quite a boring new year. keep telling myself need to study for econs. (i’ve not started studying yet!) the paper is 6 days away. : (

Stayed over at leo’s place two days ago, yesterday slept till 2plus pm. of course leo also slpt like a pig. went out for brunch at cineleisure, walke around orchard, taking a look at PDAs. Heeren to take a look at the fashion, both of us concluded that orchard has nothing for both us to see or buy. =X

headed over to ROM to take a look at the suites and the garden plus down the road the masonic club, the masonic garden looks nice and since now we decided we would probably not have a reception, personally find that the price is pricy…… -___-” (never knew planning can be so mafan)

Went to Bugis junction too, spent like an hour in Kinokuniya, Leo wanted to buy Street Directory, I ended up reading the zodiac books for the year of 2007 – those about luck, wealth, love, bla bla bla. etc and flipped through a couple of wedding magazines to look at the gowns, banquet adverts, ROM adverts etc. leo suggested buying a copy for reference but after browsing through seems like got nothing much, probably would get when the new copies are out…

Couple’s love horoscope for Wednesday, February 21:
Legal issues might need addressing today, from joint financial arrangements to living wills to — gulp — marriage licenses. Your mind is well suited to dealing with that kind of stuff now, fortunately.


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