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Prelims are finally over. Out of 5 papers.. I only attended 3. Really didn’t have enough time to study for all maybe cause I’m really studying last minute like just the day or night before the paper -__-“

Went down to Bridal Concept last sunday tried on a few ROM gowns, luckily managed to find one that me and dear both liked had it reserved and gonna go down again in May to choose again if they have new gowns. =)

White is such an unflattering colour on me, I would prefer black or any other colours anytime over it.

a couple of things to do before the mid of this year,

1) 7th Apr 07 (1 more month to go!), confirm solemnisation stuff & venue.

2) Purchase Wedding Bands from Sookee Jewellery.

3) I need to lose some weight (say about 4kg) and tone up. Have been quite nua ever since i stopped going for ballet a few years ago bah. Feel like trying California Fitness Club, any raves for it?

4) look after my face more and probably change my entire range of facial care. seems to have more breakouts due to exams stress! urgh.

5) UOL Exams – Spread over 3 weeks in May 07.

I think by then i’ll be dead dead lynn. xD

Looking forward to spending my life with my dearest as his Mrs……


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