Measure Of A Man

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Clay Aiken’s Measure Of A Man

Quite an old song, happened to chance upon it while i was searching for other songs lyrics, pretty meaningful gave me some thought about it. Makes one feel that one shouldn’t measure one’s love by material gains or rather how huge carat the proposal ring is. What good is that if in the end you have to trade it back to the jeweller just so that you can get a pair of wedding bands?

I thank god that leo sees my reason in that and have a sound mind not to spend lots of $$ on the ring. We’re going wedding bands shopping this sunday, hopefully we can decide on a pair soon! ^_^

Soleminzation Venue has been confirmed so has the date 7th July 2007 . Will sent out the invites in june still meddling with the guest list. Basically it will start at 6pm & end around 8pm or later, after which we would probably go celebrate Leo’s birthday (that man totally forgotten that its his birthday on that date too -__-” ) , perhaps clubbing?

Exams are a big headache now for me, i never knew that the pace could be so different and tough. but still i’m gonna work hard! Revisions starts this coming sunday…

It’s time to hit the books for a 1 and 1/2 months of mugging! = (

Why do you ask him to move heaven and earth
To prove his love has worth
Would he walk on water
Would he run through fire
Would he stand before you
Will he be your anchor when a dark unfolds
Will he always love you the best that he knows
Would he give his life up
To be all he can
Is that,
How you measure a man?


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