Lineage 2 Complete (Puzzle Game)

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2 sleepless nights in a row, i’m gonna look like a panda soon…

Last night was cause of this – Lineage 2 Complete (Puzzle Game) . I ended up getting leo to help me out but we were both still stumbled when its near completing.

went to work on sunday morning before heading out with leo to go ring shopping at Chinatown and still didn’t find what we wanted. In the end went back to Lucky Plaza’s SK Jewellery to look for Serene Xie that helped him picked out my diamond ring. She’s really good with the knowledge of the pieces in the shops and will help you out in any way that she can. Thumbs up for her customer service. we bought our bands from her and they will be ready by this weekend once the engraving is completed & to be stored till 7th july~.

I’ve like lost touch with a couple of my friends, prefering now to stay in my own secluded world or is it cause we are in different life phrases now and can no longer communicate as well as we did in the past? I guess that’s why people say friends do come and go…

Watching Mr.Bean’s Holiday tomorrow . something to look forward too! = D

Life is all about the experiences. (at least to me) 🙂


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