Nodame Cantabile

Now Playing ~
Violin Concerto in E minor,Op64 Allegro Molto Appassionato

I find myself submerged in classical music yet again in the
world of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Strauss,
Chopin etc etc etc. reminds me of the music appreciation
classes I had in NAFA (though i didnt like the teacher). haha
but she somehow make me appreciate them (the composers)

Jayce introduced Nodame Cantabile Anime, Jess introduced
the Live Action Drama to me.. and I’m so hooked after
watching 5 episodes :X. still trying not to watch till the current
episode until exams over. T.T *i need my dosage of anime*

another new manga that i’m reading..
Mozart Doesn’t Sing Lullabies. I think i’m reading cause
of the graphics and not the story. =x

Econs exams paper today. its so screwed up. think i drew the
models wrongly. URGH.

went a little “shopping” after that. bought ZA Cutie Curl
Mascara at 40% discount. saw a pair of black ballet flats that
literally look like the real ballet pointe shoes when worn. so
tempted to buy ~.~
(shall think about it more since i seldom wear covered shoes)

1 paper down 4 papers more to go!

sometimes i feel i belong in the arts world more than biz..

It’s time to do final revision for statistics…


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