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Jennifer Lopez’s The One

Did you know that there’s a direct relationship between your confidence and your creativity? They feed each other, and right now it’s your confidence that should be pushing you to try new ideas and to do things in new ways. You might not know how to start on a new project, but you need to have faith that if you just start walking, the journey will reveal itself to you soon enough — and that you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Pretty bored at home waiting for time to pass before heading out to work. From today onwards, i’ll be working everyday either morning or evening shift till probably july or before school starts again~

Exams are FINALLY over!!! though i think i’ve been holiday mood since last Tuesday. Yesterday’s paper was a killer. sorta blank out when i saw the questions. hope i do well enough to pass. sigh.

Looking forward to the weekend~

The one who knows when it's under control
The one who know your favorite song
The one when you're feelin' lost
The one you place no one above

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