BowerBird & Transformers

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It’s been one hella boring week at least till last friday.

BowerBird’s Launch on Wed evening at my work place. not too bad, lots of people attended.
Had free time for myself on thursday before back to work on friday again..

Sat, went out to have facial with my mom & signed new package. $55 for basic facial including either normal/hydration mask. so far i’m happy with Bella Skincare’s service & their products!

Watched Transformers @ AMK Hub, not bad movie. loved the part when the Autobots just landed on earth and the part where they were sort of hiding.

Tried to get tickets for Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix for 12th July, apparently its like sold out at the places we wanna catch it at. sigh, probably gonna be able to catch it only when we get back from Langkawi =(

went for my dress fitting today, went pretty well other then the can’t decide what accessories to wear, dangling earrings with choker? seems abit over. I was thinking of just diamond/crystal studs earrings with the diamond necklace i have. looks like have to try out both looks..

Only problem is i havent buy my diamond studs earrings!! i have no idea where to get. tried SK jewellery, the one i liked is like $469!! even the cheapest is at $139? but of course that’s for real diamonds.

spotted another one which was going for $45 (before 20% discount) but its white gold with crystal stones.. sigh. i can’t make up my mind. same with the Dorothy perkins tube i saw today. was tempted to get but it was 3 for S$33. to buy only one will cost $16. too bad the other colours don’t have my size. and now that i’m home.. I’M REGRETTING THAT I DIDN’T BUY IT!!! *roars* will probably go try out other branches and see my luck…

If you don’t know
Then you can’t care
And you show up
But you’re not there
But I’m waiting
And you want to
Still afraid that I will desert you


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