Secret + Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

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I wonder how me and leo are ever gonna get a flat from HDB.. *sigh*

looking at today’s sales launch. 354 units available. 2522 applications. and it’s only day one. applications is opened for a week. i shudder at the thought of the total applications at the end.

We didn’t apply. chances are like minimal? shall save the S$10.

looks like we will be looking at the open market(from agents) alot sooner then expected.

watched ‘Secret’ with Hoon(we shall have to meet up more often!!) on the 8th. nice movie! i really really loved the piano pieces. shall go search for the OST. heh heh.

finally picked up Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows to read abt a week ago.. and i’m still not done with the book!!! It doesn’t urge me to finish it in one sitting. few more chapters to go. 🙂
I’ll be selling it once i’m done reading, anyone interested in my copy can let me know! 😛


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