Sim Tower

Now Playing:
不能说的秘密’s OST

Finally gotten my hands on the album.
Extremely loves 斗琴, 湘伦小雨四手联弹, 早操, 与父共舞,琴房 & Secret (加长快板).

listening to this album reminds me of the time when i was addicted to Nodame Cantabile OST. haha.

HX sent me a beautiful song last night – Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls.
MV Link:

I’ve been nuaing at home since Monday morning, didn’t really do much, played games. went and dig out Sim Tower ( a very very old game, say a few yrs ago?) to play and gotten addicted till now haven’t clear the last level.

I think i should go help my hubby out at his office.

Recieved a brochure by mail from Esplanade about the
da:ns Festival 2007 (11-21 Oct) seems like got nice performances to watch! this year there’s Zurich Ballet, Stars Of Russian Ballet etc…

I just realised.. there’s Footworks workshops & MASTER CLASSES too!!!!

More information here:

Anyone wanna go with me to watch the performances????? = D

feels like I’m falling sick…

Damn all these beautiful girls
They’ll have you suicidal.


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