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Photobucket is finally up and working properly. been trying to access since this afternoon. *rawrs*

Past few days have been fine, worked on friday and saturday. Sunday morning went over to Leo’s paternal grandpa grave before heading home and out again.

Both of us went to get our haircuts. apparently my hair grows and gets thick damn fast, guess i would have to shorten the amount of time between visits.

Watched Bourne Ultimatum at The Cathay. The movie was not so bad but tooo much actions!!! ended up nauseated even before the movie ended! 😦

headed to vivocity for dinner plus walked around. managed to get donuts from vinco finally! seriously its not that nice in my opinion. dunkin donuts is still much better!

only gotten home this morning before heading out again to post stuff, go to the bank – at the bank, the CS called me madam. -__-” and i saw in their records my salutation is MDM (full name) geez. it looked so old!!

did some shopping at northpoint before going home..

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1) tbs aloe range starter kit (in bag)

2) tbs aloe soothing moisture lotion SPF 15
3) tbs aloe Hand & Nail Treatment
4) St. Ives Eye Stress Gel
5) Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation in Shade G1 Vanilla Ivory

6) tbs Mint lipbalm (free gift)

I think i spent alot today =x
I don´t want any night to go by
Without you by my side
I just want all my days
Spent being next to you
Lived for just loving you

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