The Magicians Of Love

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183 Club – 爱情魔法师’s songs

Just finished watching 爱情魔法师 (The Magicians Of Love) which is now showing on Channel U on Fridays 11.30pm. The series is not bad. Liked the storyline, got a few funny moments and nice ending. =x (i’m selling my vcd set at $15, anyone interested can let me know.)

The OST is not bad too.

I Like:
甜蜜约定 MV Link:
完美情人 MV Link:

Loved these:
Magic Room MV Link:
感情线 Affective Line MV Link:

Next series i wanna watch includes Queen’s, goong S, Prince turn into Frog.
sigh, need to find time to watch and study also. 😦

走进 Magic Room 日月伴著星辰
幸福的铃声 见证我俩的美丽人生
爱像一道光 照亮我整个人
所有的奇迹 都因你一诞生

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