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Watching: The Tudors (Season 1)

Check This Out! : The Man Who Spent A Week Living Like A Woman

I’m very fidgety these days, can’t seem to sit still or concentrate for long hours sigh. And it’s like have so many things to do, but I’ve YET to start doing. 😦

School has started, so far so good, liked Law of Biz Organization & POA. Repeating Economics & Intro To Biz Management, both repeat modules seems easier to understand this time around. I dunnoe why. Really got to study hard and have consistent revision, cannot last minute already!

Been trying to take care of my face, trying out different products, apparently its NOT my wallet choose the product but my face instead. some products just don’t work and break me out alittle but works fine for other people 😦

Currently, raving about Avene. price-wise is like mid range and seems to work well with my face. Considering to get the sunblock since i’m finishing my current one soon.

The other day, Leo was telling me say that when i have my skincare and little makeup on(foundation or complexion enhancer, little bit of concealer for dark eye circles and mascara) my face looked almost flawless. (should i believe?) He too noticed that my skin condition improved over the months.

Gonna start taking care of my lips now, it’s always either dry or chapped. 😦 Am thinking if i should try kiehl’s?

meanwhile, bought Lip Balm (Raspberry & Satsuma Shimmer) & Lip Butters (Passion Fruit & Mango) from thebodyshop, i hope they do improve my lips condition!

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