Helpless When He Smiles

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Backstreetboys’ Helpless When She Smiles

Leo & I applied for HDB Bi Monthly Sale of 4 room & Bigger Flats Sector A. Hopefully this time the ballot number will be better, with only 489 flats available, total application was 4800. =.= that’s like only about 10% chance to be within the 489 and not knowing if you can get the flat you are eyeing. We are looking at teban gardens… mom calls it the ???????=.=

Worst still, unsuccessful ballot won’t increase your chances in the next round. the higher chances thingy only works for build to order and monthly sales. hai~ getting a flat in SG from HDB is so tough now.

School’s pretty much the same, attending lectures and slacking. really need to buck up somemore 😦 repeating modules very boring. I’m like only copy copy in class and nothing really goes into my head 😦

Kinokuniya’s having 20% members discount starting from friday, still thinking if i should go and get a couple of books that i wanna read from my wishlist and some magazines =x

Bought these a few days ago,

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Avene Thermal Water Spray
SilkyGirl Funky Lights Eyeliner in Pure Purple
( i hope its better then the elf’s plum one)
Maybelline Expert Finishing Loose Powder
(not too bad when used over loreal true match liquid foundation)

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I (bye bye pimples!!)
Stocked up on more masks too =X
Renew Moisturising Cream is my Holy Grail now for face!!
Best thing is its paraben free (preservatives free, but need to finish fast)
Cost: S$29.90 with rosehip oil
(i’m using the oil for scars, so far it has removed the reddish tint ( no idea if it was an allergy to something or cause by long wearing a gold anklet) i have on my right ankle, working on the scars now!!)
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Feel like trying Yes-To Carrots (paraben free too)
Recently when people asked if I have a bf, and i reply say no i have a husband. they don’t believe me. =.=
He drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I’m helpless when he smiles

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