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周杰伦’s 彩虹 & One Republic – Apologize

I feel like crying while hearing this new 周杰伦 song that Vince recommended me.. =~(

Chanced upon the new birkenstock collection 2008 while surfing the net. and…. I’m Lemming for this one – Birkenstock Madrid Plum Purple Patent!!!
[can someone get me this for xmas? =( ]

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to make it worst, its available to buy now @ S$62++! *smacks head*
(How many pairs of birkenstocks does a lady really need? I have like *count fingers* 4 pairs already.)

Also just found out that my sis-in-law wants to get another pair of birkenstock. hahaha i’m gonna psycho Leo liaos to at least help pay half for mine?!!!

Gave facebook a try. seems like an enhanced version of friendster. still exploring.
tried out one of the applications and made this~ looks like something that i’ll wear eh?

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Was thinking about alot of things on my way home from school today. It’s kind of amazing how life can change/evolve in years. Was thinking about the people/friends i met – lost contact or still in contact, the ex-es i fell in love with, the happy memories and bad memories.
I’ve learnt to be contented with what I have, love my family more, slow down and enjoy life like the way it should be, not as career-minded as before. I think i’m becoming more family-oriented infact I wonder how our lives will be like with little lynns or little leos. =X
I’m thankful for everyone that have stepped in and added a chapter be it good or bad to my life. =)
When you talk to me
I swear the whole world stops
You’re my sweetheart
And I’m so glad that your mine
You are one of a kind

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