First Drive

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MC진리 (Feat. 하하HAHA)’s 운명의 장난 恶作剧的命运
周杰伦’s 扯Have a couple more friends who are getting married soon in a couple of years as well. geez seems like everyone’s starting to settle down.

Last Tuesday, I had my first drive alone in my sister-in-law’s Suzuki Swift. really was quite an experience even though i was following right behind my dear who was driving as well. He sent his liteace for a “facelift”, re-spray and fitting of bodykit. He didn’t want to take bus back to his place and we were going out to meet friends after that and i can’t argue that i can’t drive. -_-
(i get driven around more than doing the driving)Driving alone is less stressful then driving with him beside me. haha. weather was quite bad on the expressway, couldn’t really see the front so had to drive pretty slow like 40km/h? but am glad that made it to destination unscathed.

Bought these recently…
Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm – Mint (Limited Edition Flavor)
MAC Powder Blush in Well DressedPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I’m lemming for more MAC blushers!!
Your Love Is My Destiny

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