With This Ring

Now Playing: Kenny Loggins’s With This Ring

I actually teared hearing this song, simply found it meaningful.. 🙂

Link: http://nessiestamaria.imeem.com/music/Ua6UxpiP/kenny_loggins_with_this_ring/

I have believed i would always be free and wild
No promises made or broken
But look at me now
I come to you like a child
Here with my arms wide open

I follow the song that the voice inside whisper to my soul
how could i not, its my heart that brought me to paradise

i’ll be your love, i’ll be your friend
i’ll be the summer breeze that never ends for the rest of your days
i’ll be the road that takes you home
just like the sun and the moon and the star that guides you on
i will be true to my heart
i promise you with this ring

Now I can say this is more than just wishful dreams.
Nothing could be more real than Love
Has the way of bringing you to your knees,
Lifting you up to Heaven.
I see the rest of my life when I look in your eyes,I love what I see.
Living with you on the sunrise side of paradise.

May this circle never see an end.
Here and now I willingly place a part of you upon my hand.


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